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Tube Workout

RunningWhat I want is a product that makes me stronger and able to lift heavier weight and increases my energy levels during a workout and when I'm reducing calorific intake. I have listed here the things that I look for in a supplement that does this:


Most of my energy comes from wholefood eaten during small meals consumed at regular intervals say between 2 - 3 hours throughout the day. This is the best way to ensure that I have enough nutrients/calories/energy to perform the workout and recover and rebuild from this training stimulus.

The body has three main energy systems:

  1. The Phosphocreatine system which lasts from 0 - 30 seconds

  2. The Lactic Acid system which lasts between 1 and 2 minutes

  3. The Anerobic system which lasts between 1 and 2 hours

The first, the phospocreatine system is initiated when the muscles are used to employ explosive force such as lifting, pushing or pulling a weight and is depleted very rapidly over a period of between 0 - 30 seconds. The theory is that you consume extra creatine from that contained in wholefood which the body then stores and enables you to perform more repetitions or move a heavier weight. The increase in strength should then facilitate increased muscle stimulus and growth. There are other claims made from creatine usage:

  • Volumisation - by drawing water into the muscles at a cellular level and increasing lean muscle weight

  • Mass - increase in muscle fibre size

  • Maintainance - holding onto or spairing muscle when reducing calories from dieting

  • Increase strength gains

  • Strengthening the immune system

Creatine is available in different types - Ethyl Ester, Acetyl L - Creatine, and Monohydrate and there are two different approaches to taking it. The idea is to saturate the skeleton and skeletal tissue where it is stored by a process of either:

pre-loading it over several days and reducing intake incrementally over a period of several weeks

taking a small amount daily, say a heaped teaspoon, for a period of 6 - 8 weeks then discontinuing use for 1 - 2 weeks before recontinuing use to give the kidneys a break from passing it

My experience from pre-loading Creatine Monohydrate is that it causes my stomach to bloat due to water retention in that area, gives me stomach cramps and has a laxative effect. I prefer to use Creatine Ethyl Ester as the esterisation process is designed to negate these effects and I don't need to go to the bother of measuring doseages during a loading phase.

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